System seems kinda laggy.

p5q deluxe mobo
4 gigs ddr2 ram
4870 videocard
300 gig velociraptor main os drive
and 4 640 drives in RAID 5 using a 3ware 9650SE SATA RAID card
windows 7

comparing to my brothers computer which has an AMD Phenom II X3, 4850 videocard, 4 gigs ddr3 ram, MSI 770 mobo and 1 WD 750gb Caviar Black hardrive.

my system seems kinda laggy when compared to his. like when browsing through the OS and what not, it seems kinda sluggish and not as fast compared to his. Do you think by having raid 5 array is lagging my system at all?

i feel like my system should be on par at the very least if not faster because of the velociraptor

any ideas?
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  1. This kind of question is very broad. I always suspect the software cuz people love to install whatever crap they find. Cut down your startup apps.

    What's the OS & security software on both pcs? Kaspersky is a lag-fest. I think he might have taken time to fine-tune his pc to compensate for the lack of power.

    Have you enabled write-cache on your RAID? The 1st place to look for it is in Device Manager. Also, his pc is tri cores which is better than dualies at multitasking.

    If you want to waste money, waste it on a SSD 30GB Vertex and none others. Use your RAID as backup/storage.
  2. both windows 7. and i dont even have security software yet....bad idea i know but i never download pretty careful. And apparently I do. Do you know if checking the 2nd box would improve performance at all? I mean, I DO have a battery backup attached to the raid card.
  3. No, don't check the 2nd box. W7 is opposite to Vista where the box says Turn On...

    Hardware RAID > software (onboard) RAID. I think you're all set.

    Save up for a SSD. No pc can touch it w/o one.
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