Not sure about temps

Hello, yesterday i installed my new cpu with hyper evo + cooler and my temps are idle: 35-40°C, intel burn test gives me 65-70°C I am on 4.5 GHz with 1.28 volts.
I think my temps are high, especially idle... what do you think ?

PC specs :

Asus P8Z68 V LX
i5 2500K 4.5GHz with hyper evo + cooler
8 GB kingston hyper RAM 1866MHz

Thanks for any response.
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  1. my idle temps are 30C with my phenom II @4GHz
  2. I'm an AMD guy so I don't know Intel OCing that well, but that would seem to be a bit high on idle and load to me. What's the max CPU temp on that CPU? on my phenom ii x4 955 it's 62C, and it runs 26 idle/56 load on prime 95. I've been doing a lot of case fan experimentation lately and it really does make a difference in CPU temps. I cleaned up my cables a bunch and it's nearly pristine in there, and it shaved probably 3-4C off my load temps. Added another 92mm fan to my Xigmatek Loki cooler and that lowered it another 3C. With that in mind, I would suggest...

    Clean up your case if it's untidy.
    Move fans around if need be (the standard "S" pattern of airflow may not be whats best for that case).
    Re-seat CPU heatsink and use good thermal grease (I use AS5 with the rice grain method, never failed me). Also, remember that some greases like AS5 take a while to cure, so your temps, like mine did, might go down slightly over time.

    Good luck!
  3. with intel burn test set on high i dont reach 70c, with prime its 55c average.
    re-seated cpu cooler 5c down. thanks
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