Noob alert! Need to re-install win xp, is this the correct version?

Hello, I work at a motel and we have a dell dimension e521 sitting in our lobby. The previous owners of the motel did not leave us with the amin account password so I need to reinstall win xp. I have been searching online for the compatible win xp disk and I think I found it but being a noob that I am, I am not entirely sure. So I ask you guys if this cd will reinstall win xp correctly on dell dimension e521.
Dell dimension version of win--------> win xp pro 2002 sp2 v2096
The new win xp cd that i think would work.-----> Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 (Service Pack 3) Pro COA CD Full Version
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  1. actually you can purchase replacement restore discs from Dell directly. Alternatively, you can install Linux for free.

    Ubuntu and Fedora are operating systems based on the Linux kernel. There are many operating systems that use the Linux kernel (sometimes these are called "Linux distros"). I recommend either Fedora 17 or Ubuntu 12.04.

    How to install Ubuntu 12.04

    How to install Fedora 17
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