A 1080p video playback graphics question:

In an older NON-Gamming system with AGP8X, P4-3.4Gz, 2Gb ram. Would there be a performance benefit in up-dating the graphics card to a more modern, say an ATI 4670 or 4650 with 1Gb?

The reason for the question, in playing back 1080p/30 video I get a stutter step in the video, the audio streams uninterrupted but the video has a hesitation every 2 seconds or so. This occurs even when playing from a striped RAID array. The old graphics card is an ATI something with 64Mb and a max resolution of 1600 x 768.

While yes I know this system is in need of replacing, but if I can squeeze a little more life out of it that would really help the bank account… a $100 new card or a $2000 new system at this point I think the card if, it will fix the stutter…

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  1. Both HD4650 and HD4670 are well suited for a 3.4Ghz single core. Adding a card like that would resolve the HD playback issue and allow for some gaming. If no gaming is involved a HD4350 would fix the HD issues.
  2. Thank you for the feedback. This was essentially the same idea I had.

    It should be interesting to see the difference between the cards (old/new) in a real world video environment. When I built this system some 5 years ago or so, it was perfect for a dedicated video-editing machine. But things move on, and with the change from NTSC to HD1080p, it can’t even play it let alone edit it. So hopefully the new card will at least let it be a raw footage review machine.
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