CPU temp monitor software hangs server

Afternoon everyone.

I have a Dell 1600sc 533fsb model. Recently upgraded from one 2.8 Xeon to 2 3.06's

Seems to be running fine and I have no reason to believe it is running too hot, but would like to check since it is getting old.

Anyway I have tried to install PCWizard 2010 from the CPU-z folks and SpeedFan and both hang the server, causing me to have to do a hard reset.

Both tell me to run debugging but since I really dont like to just push the power button I was wondering if anyone knows of a setting I could change before I reinstall and rerun either one.

I did use one of my mechanics laser thermometers shot at the heatsinks and the orig CPU was running at around 93f and these seem to be sitting 7 or 8 degrees hotter. Which doesnt seem to bad to me considering the faster speed and double the cache.

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  1. try CPUID HWmonitor
  2. Alright, I will try it after everyone leaves tonight and report back tomorrow. I didnt try it since I figured PCWizard 2010 might use the same basic program.
  3. Well HW monitor installed without hanging the server and it shows me the name of the server it is installed on, but does not have the plus sign next to it to expand down to see any options.

  4. Just a follow up, I have been talking to Laurent at CPU-z, and he sent me a beta version of PCWizard. It loaded correctly but still had no sensor info. I ran a cpu report from PCWizard and found this info

    >> Thermal Information
    Thermal control TM1 : Yes - Disabled
    Thermal control TM2 : No
    Thermal Control Circuit : No
    Digital Thermal Sensor : No
    Clock Modulation (ODCM) Enabled : No

    Is this something that could be disabled in the Bios?
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