Problems with g router and n adapter


I recently bought a Dell Studio Hybrid which has Windows 7 and a Dell wireless 1505 Draft wifi card in it. i have been having performance issues with it connecting to my DLink DSL-G604T router (g model).

Webpages can take forever to load, i continually have to "diagnose" the connection, (which just resets the adapter) to get it to recover and perfom what has become a "normal level of performance". By comparrison, my Dell laptop (D620 with a g adapter) has no problems at all.

The problems with the Hybrid started out of the box, with Vista and have persisted with 7. i found an article on the web about IE 8 not installing properly, so i uninstalled it and installed Firefox. this worked for a while but performance was still not as good as the laptop.

this is driving me crazy, does anyone have any ideas?


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  1. ......and did I happen to mention that the connection to the router drops out intermittantly also? 'cause it does.

    Most frustrating..........
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