Seasonic or Corsair?

Power supplies are not one of my strong suits. I know that wattage isn't the most important thing to look for when comparing the power supplies, but i really don't know what to look for. So here's the two i'm trying to compare.

Corsair 750w
Seasonic 650w

i will be Xfiring and overclocking. with an i5-750 and two Sapphire 5770s
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  1. The Corsair has my vote, i'm running the HX850 right now. It's beautiful, efficient with it's Gold Star thing. And modular :)

    Here's my review on for the HX850. I'd imagine the HX750 is very much the same.

    Awesome pricematch for 184.99
    Single Rail! 70amps
    Up to 90% Efficient

    Cables are a tad stiff, but whatever, lol.

    I bought this to replace a second dead Silverstone DA750. I couldn't have made a better choice This thing is wonderful.

    Packaging is very professional, plus you get some extras. A nice metal sticker, and two bags. One for the extra cables, and one the PSU is sleeved in. Corsair really knows how to remind you you just bought something very expensive.

    The cables themselves are sleeved very well, all the way inside the PSU. Plus they're very long cables. I had no trouble reaching everything in my Antec P182 Case. They also felt more durable then my Silvertsone's cables, and connectors.

    Very pleased with my purchase.
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    The Corsair TX850 got a 9.5 Performance Rating

    The Corsair HX850 got a 10.0 Performance Rating

    So does that mean that we can expect the HX to always get 0.5 above the TX ?

    The TX750 got a 8.5 performance rating

    That's all the info I can get from jonny on the Corsair's:)

    The Seasonic gets a 10.0 Performance Rating

    Given those two, I'd go for the "guaranteed 10.0" on the Seasonic.

    Other choices to consider:
  3. I normally recommend Corsair and Seasonic power supplies. Both have a reputation for high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are reliable, stable, and come with a 5 year warranty. Some of the newer models come with a 7 year warranty.

    I build pc's for others and have installed various Corsair models. Never had a problem.

    I have the brand new Seasonics X-650 in my new system. It is a brand new design that is gold certified for energy efficiency. The psu runs cool and quiet. I put my system through a variety of torture tests. The voltages remain rock steady and well within operating limits. It commands a premium price but it is well worth it.

    EDIT - I forgot to mention. The Seasonics X-650 is 100% modular and the cables are longer than normal - perfect for larger cases.
  4. I agree with Jack, that Seasonic is plain amazing, get it.
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