I5 3570k at 4.0 OC Temps

Hey guys I was just curious before overclocking my i5 3570k on a Z77 ASRock Extreme 6.

If I overclocked it at 4.0GHz with the stock heatsink with no aftermarket cooler will I be fine with a case like the Antec Nine Hundred or Antec Twelve Hundred listed respectively. They are good cases with plenty of fans for cooling.

What would be the pros and cons of not purchasing an aftermarket cooler at 4.0GHz and would it be a problem. If it's a big deal could you guys recommend a aftermarket cooler with those cases listed above, thanks!
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    4.0 should not be a problem with the stock cooler in either case.
    The 3570K only gets very hot when the voltage is raised, seeking a maximum OC. @4.0, you can leave the voltage on auto. Maybe more.

    But, I would buy an aftermarket cooer, regardless. A Simple tower type cooler like the CM hyper212 is only $30

    It will cool better, and the 120mm fan will be quieter.
    The backplate mount is much easier to install than the Intel pushpin mounts.

    It will fit in either of the two cases.
    You also could look at the Antec 300 illusion model, it is cheaper and will cool nicely.
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