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  1. That's an interesting question. My gut reaction is to say 2GB DDR3 almost immediately just because of the speed and DDR2 is beginning to go out of style, but what's the context that your asking this question in?
    Are you looking to upgrade your RAM? If so, you'll need to upgrade based on what your system can handle. is a great website and will help you pick out new RAM if this is what you need.
  2. I would go for the 2GB DDR3 , for dual-slot , but it would also allow you to upgrade in the future.
  3. All depends on how the 3gb ddr2 is configured.. if its three sticks (1gb 1gb 1gb) then no if its four sticks all with same speed timings (1gb 512mb 1gb 512mb) then yes all Dual data rate so good

    But if you are looking a purchase right now DDR3 is better, you may miss that 1gb ram though if you load your machine up with loads of software!
  4. It all depends on your configuration, 1gbx3 ddr2 vrs 1GBx3 DDR3 see they are entirely different. the ddr3 has way higher bandwidth that the ddr 2 which in turn means more speed, so stick to DDR3 if you want the best perfomance
  5. DDR3 means best perfomance, but make sure your motherboard supports it before you buy any though.
  6. i think moricon is spot on this time.. yes, ddr3 is faster but it isn't readily noticeable unless you overclock the ddr3.. if you're running a 1gb/512mb/1gb/512mb configuration for the ddr2, it should be better since you have 3gb, not 2gb.

    if not, ddr3 would be optimal.
  7. yip...
  8. The first question to answer is what motherboard are you using?

    If it doesn't support one or the other type of RAM, then your answer is obvious.

    Between DDR2 and DDR3 the 'speed' difference is minimal. However, if you have more RAM it will be advantageous to your system if its heavy on applications.

    At this point unless you already own a legacy system, there is not much point in getting DDR2. If you are building something new DDR3 should be the only choice.
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