BIOS shows drives, Win 7 Pro does not.

I have an XFX nForce 680iLT motherboard with 8 gig. I have installed two optical drives, a TDK IDE CD/DVD burner and a new Asus BW-12B1ST Blu-RAy Writer. I also have three hard drives, two IDE and Three SATA hard drives. The power supply has been upgraded to a 750 watt OCZ Fata1ty

When I boot up the computer, the BIOS shows all my drives.

My Win7 ProOS does not recognize the two optical drives and one SATA drive.
I moved the SATA drives to different locations to see if that changed anything.

In Device Manager the SATA ASUS and the TDK CD/DVD drives show up with the yellow error exclamation saying that the drivers cannot be found bur when I check the properties is says the drivers are correct for the device.
There is also a yellow error icon for an "Unrecognizable Device"

I have deleted the three error enties but when sestarting I get the error message that the correct driver cannot be found.

I cannot find a new driver on either the ASUS or TDK websites but I think it is a setting or a situation with my Win 7 Pro.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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  1. I tried the registry edit mentioned elsewhere in this forum and it worked. I am still trying the different functions,

    I can read and use CD/DVD but I cannot yet play BluRay DVD.

    I suspect the 'unknown device" is my 1.5 tb SATA hard drive that is also not recognized since the registry fix got me both CD/DVD drives.

    Thanks for helping.

    Does anyone know the registry edit to get the hard drive recognized?
  2. The only thing that worked for me was to re-install Win 7 on a new drive. I got a good deal on a 1.5 tb WD from and then installed a fresh install of Win 7. It recognized all my drives and CD/DVD drives.

    I also re-arranged my drive cables so that they were in order, i.e SATA 1, 2, & 3 and IDE 1&2. I don't think that was the thing that worked, but I didn't try my other Win 7 installation. The only bother is that now I two choices of Win 7 boot options. I figured out that the top one was my new install and the bottom one was the old install.

    Good Luck, I wanted to increase my storage anyway, and it solved my drive recognition problem. There was or is probably a Registry edit that would have fixed the issue, but I did not see any specific directions online.

  3. You can use EZ BCD to fix your bootloader problem. It is free for non-commerical use - go to the bottom of the page.
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