Hard drive trouble

A couple of weeks ago I was mid game and my computer froze and I had to manually shut it down. Ever since then my hard drive only boots long enough for me to search recovery disc and get to loading right before burning disc 1 or 3. I find after an initial failure I have to turn of my computer and unplug the power cable in order for it to boot. Other wise, it will only boot a HP boot blue screen giving me 4 options recovery, setup, esc, and etc.

The hard drive is not making any noises that would sound like hardware failure.
Starting in safe mode lasts the same amount of time as starting in normal.
New cables and new positions in the motherboard. no affect
I also have swapped out psu-s and there is no affect.
I have used it as an extra internal (not an OS booting HD) and it works perfectly. I am able to extra. In this particular instance I was able to disc cleanup, defrag, scan for fix, and ran avg and superantispyware; removing any and hopefully every last issue.

Also, is there anyway to access the recovery disc program outside of just starting the computer or perhaps could I burn a disc from the HD when it is an extra internal?

Extra errors I have found of lately. 0x0000004 (as in the past 2 days)
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  1. Really unfortunate that you have issues with HDD.
    I understand you tried almost everything. How about trying System Restore - let us restore the system to some earlier date when everything was working fine.
  2. If I try a system restore is there a chance the computer will shut off in the middle of the process? Thats why I havent tried it yet.
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