Questions about overclocking with my specific components.

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I did both parts in both posts as I feel that they are closely related and provide information for both topics. I apologize if I shouldn't have done so.
Alright, I've been meaning to ask for a while but my computer is finally cooperating and hasn't given me any issues for about a month now so I figure it's time to move to more things. First off my cpu is the intel 3930K LGA 2011 socket and is currently being cooled by a phantek PH-TC14PE (Two fans). My video cards are dual GTX 680 (2GB unfortunately :cry:) with stock fans and plastic assembly. My case is the Rosewill BLACKHAWK-ULTRA Gaming Super Tower , dont ask me why I got the huge case I really dont know... It just looked awesome and I figured it should be upgrade proof for a while.

Anyway, my questions is whether or not I should attempt to water cool and if I did how costly would it be? I know that the corsair H100 is around $80-100 last time I looked and the water blocks tend to be around $100 each for the GTX 680s. I am mainly wondering what brands are good for this and what accessories and various items are needed and how to figure out what I will need. With my case I have the option of these fan configurations:
-Front (first layer) 2 x 140mm Red LED Fan (pre-installed)
-Front (second layer) 2 x 140mm Fan (pre-installed)
-Rear 1 x 140mm Fan (pre-installed) or 1 x 120mm Fan (option)
-Top 2 x 230mm Red LED Fan (pre-installed) or 3 x 140mm Fan (option) or 2 x 180mm Fan
-Side 1 x 230mm Fan (pre-installed) or 9 x 120mm Fan (option)
-Bottom 1 x 140mm Fan (option)
So I was wondering if it would be worth it to buy the 9 120mm fans for the side as right now the single 230mm fan take up about a quarter of the side window and then the rest just allows air to travel either direction. Also would it be worth it to have a bottom fan as my case is raised off of a surface.

I apologize but I do not know enough about airflow to know how much of a difference these configurations will make. I would like to think that if I did the 9 fans on the side and bottom fan that it would force more air through the case and be more effective at cooling... Also right now my cpu stays at around 34-40c. and I really dont know how to monitor my video cards.

Ok and now to the overclocking aspect of my post. Without any of the things talked about above how much would you guys say would be safe to overclock? I still havent gotten around to setting my ram to 2133 yet (currently 1600) and to be honest I'm not sure where or how I should do that. I would like as an end result to be able to get a third GTX 680 and be able to run 3 2560x1440 monitors (one per monitor) as with the 2GB limit I do not think it would work for triple monitors 1440P as SLI and I would like to overclock the cards to handle it as best as possible with as high of details as possible (used for gaming)

If I were to do any liquid cooling or extra fan configurations would it be more likely that I could achieve what I am trying to do? What is the max the 3930K can get to liquid or fan cooled and the same with the EVGA GTX 680? I apologize if I could have found these things on this or other forums but I have been looking and I always find threads that do not have what I am looking for.

Thank you very much for your time and I appreciate any time that you have given in reading or responding. If you post a reply I may not be able to get back to the thread for a few days as I am currently on 12 hour shifts for my USN Prototype school and do not have a lot of free time.
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  1. Ahh I did not realize the cooling section was within the overclocking section. Guess I won't have to post in two sections after all.
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