Good 600w PS for GB 890GPA-UDH3

I recently purchased a few pieces to build a new PC, but noticed that this Mobo has an 8 pin connector near the CPU along with the main 24pin ATX, but don't have a clue what power supply to look for. I've been to Newegg and Fry's websites but they haven't been to helpful, so any ideas are appreciated.
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  1. The 4-pin ATX on the older PSUs works in the 8-pin mobo connector. In order to recommend you a PSU we need to know what parts do you plan to use.
  2. AMD X4 635 processor
    2GB of DDR3 RAM currently

    For video/sound I plan on using onboard for now, but I've seen a few posts on other forums about being careful using 2 4pins to make that connection work.

    Only plan on running games with the most demanding being Warhammer 40,000 and some of the newer games, and maybe some video editing so I know I'll be overclocking a bit too.
  3. If you have a PSU with a 4 pin connector you do like this, there's no problem:

    This PSU is modern and can power even a HD 5870 or two HD 5770.
  4. Thanks for the information, I'll try the 4 pin idea and see if it works, if not I'll be at the store getting a better case and get a PSU there.
  5. You can find a number of good power calculators, like this one, at Antec for sizing; and the best place to look for hard facts regarding them is jonnyGURU, where they both test, and explain some of the important featyres...
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