i have intel dg41rq board
needed corsair gaming ram 2gb ddr2 667mhz(two kit)dual channel

is it good for my mobo??? and where should i buy this ram ???
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  1. Is it good for what? Is it good for basic tasks....sure, it's a decent board. Nothing fantastic, but decent.

    Why do you need gaming memory? Are you planning on gaming? If so, you'll want a different graphics card - the G41 will not be too good for anything but basic games.

    I'd check newegg for the RAM, but finding DDR2667 is not as cheap as it used to be.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Why Corsair?
    2- Why 667MHz? If ur mobo also support 800MHz
    3- It's good but not as good as 800MHz.
    4- just select the best price for u or look in Google shopping and u can get the best price and store.
  3. I think I have some DDR2800 XMS2 that I'd sell you cheap if you want it. It's just sitting in my spare parts closet. I swapped to OCZ.
    If your mobo supports DDR2800, take advantage of it. If you're not sure, the most that can happen is the memory will slow itself down.
  4. What's considered cheap? If the OP doesn't want it, I might - I was actually looking at DDR2 for a computer for a HTPC or for a computer for my grandma.

    2GB or 4GB?
  5. but i think that 667 mhz is good for overclocking......
  6. thats why corsair 667 are so expensive.
  7. The max OC that I think u can get from that RAM is 800MHz or 1066MHz and the difference between 800 and 1066 is <1%.
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