Artifacts with new drivers (Overclocked card)

As the title suggests, When I update to the 9.11/9.12 drivers, I start to get artifacts at my overclocked speeds. I have a HD4850 at 650/1050 and I never experienced artifacts with the 9.10 drivers. Whats going on?
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  1. Hard to say. It could be that they new drivers are stressing it in a way the old ones did not and thus exposing some minor instability in your overclocked card. Or, it could be that your card is just getting older and can no longer run at those speeds (that happened to my 6800s). If you go back to the 9.10 drivers, do the artifacts go away? If so, just stay there as most likely most of the improvements added are primarily for the 5800. Or it could just be that these drivers are buggy.
  2. I went back to the 9.10 drivers and it's fine. I'll stay on these drivers until they release something that catches my eye.

  3. I used to update drivers with every iteration, but now I rarely do it. With a new GPU it is probably best, but with the old ones, unless it specifically lists improvements, I skip.
  4. overclocking is never a guarenteed thing - dont expect 100% stability
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