Need help with I3-530

I just purchased a new gateway with a core I3-530. I want to Upgrade to core I5-670. So here are my ????

The motherboard is a Gateway H57, Will the Motherboard accept this upgrade and other than the cpu swap will I need to change anything in BIOS?

All I do with the computer is play games. Will I see a major improvment with the I5-670. :ange:
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  1. No I added a Geforce GTX260. But won't i get better fps and better game play a chip that is a .5 ghz faster???
  2. Sorry I'm new THE I5-670 IS THE ONE I AM LOOKING AT
  3. Quote:
    Same socket but meh on it dropping right in. Look to see if you can configure your computer model with that processor

    That is one of my ???? How would I see if I could configure my pc with that processor or should I just buy a new motherboard like a msi or asus h57.
  4. Gateway® DX4831-01e Bestbuy
  5. Yes Corsair 750hx :o
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