Sector 5 Patriot Series RAM with AM3 Platforms


I just recently upgraded my computer to an Asus M4N98TD Evo mobo, AMD Phenom II 555 CPU, and 4 GBs (2X2) of Sector 5 Patriot Series RAM. The rest of my specs are 750W OCZ PSU, 120GB HDD, Radeon 4350 Video Card (9800 GTX on the way) and Cooler Master tower.

I have been using this setup for about 4 days now with no problems. I did a 3 hour Prime95 stress test with no errors.

Today I turn on my computer and I got a "one of the files containing the systems registry data had to be recovered..." message. Through research some suggest the RAM might be at fault. Is any body else running a similar config to mine and if so how is your rig running? Any past experiences with this setup? I came across something that says Patriot memory may not be the best for AM3 platforms.
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  1. Hello
    Try running memtest for 4-8hrs and check if it reports any errors or not
  2. You reformatted correct ? I'd run a scan disc & fix first.
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