Windows wont start root system 32ntoskrnl exe

How do you fix my Acer notebook aspire one.It wont start, message windows wont start file missing or corrupt.Root system 32\ntoskrnl.exe. Thanks folks if you can help me.
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  1. You could also go with recovery console if u don't want to reinstall.(if U know a little cmd)
    To get to recovery console:
    Cd boot first in bios>press r >press enter or type password
    Backup and replace the ntoskrnl file with another copy from Driver cache folder, or dll cache folder, etc

    If that doesn't work then U have to copy the System, Software........ files from
    C:\Windows\Repair to the Config folder in System 32.
    I did this in more cases.

    (if U go this way, write, and I'll guide you)

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