HDD won't write large files

I have an internal 1.5TB SATA Seagate drive that is not allowing me to write large files to it. I can read files and copy files of any size from the drive, and transfer small files onto it but whenever I try to move or copy something large onto it, it crashes the computer. Some background:

My computer runs Vista with 4Gb RAM, 3881Mb default pagefile
The drive is 1.5Tb with around 350Gb space left
Its NTFS format
It just has backup stuff on it, no OS or partitions
Its been defragged and has no errors or bad sectors according to checkdisk
Sometimes it will accept a 1Gb file but sometimes 500Mb is too big
Its the same in Safe Mode and copying etc with command prompt
It does the same when plugged into my other comp
I've tried manually upping the pagefile but don't know what I'm doing and it didn't alter anything

Anyone any ideas? I don't know much about buffers or anything and hard drives are pretty expensive at the moment....
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  1. what ever drivers came with your mobo. probabily nvidias as they often have this problem. remove them. let windows use the default ones. they are better 90% of the time.
    now if your using the windows ones you can try the opposite and install your chipset drivers.
    either of these will likely fix it.

    if not re installing windows will be faster than troubleshooting it.
  2. The other thing you might want to check is to see if the drive has any SMART errors. Use a program such as DiskCheckup which can report the SMART error counters maintained by the drive.
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