Gigabyte DualBios Dead?


I just flashed my P55A-UD4P from F5 to F11 (for those of you who know my track record with BIOS flashing, this one did give a "process complete" screen). I noticed that the Energy Saver and DualBios labels were missing on the POST screen. Does this mean that Gigabyte no longer supports this, or did it just remove the labels?


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    I'm sure that was just inadvertent - the Dual BIOS is built into the hardware, as well as the BIOS' 'boot block, which has not been changed in ages. If you don't like the graphics you can 'swap in' your own, using FaceWizard - but do it to a BIOS file, not your 'live', working copy!

    BTW, I have found Dual BIOS to be absolutely reliable, so long as you never, ever use @BIOS to flash!
  2. Thanks, that's a very reassuring statement (both of them actually)! Just needed to know if I could still flash my BIOS worry free (or at least, "worry free" - flashing is the most intense 2 minutes of computing for my household). So long as I know that they're still there, I won't bother adding anything fancy - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


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