ASROCK ION not working properly


I have an ASRock A330ION. It has the integrated series 9 Nvidia ION chipset. It is supposed to use 512Mb of RAM as video memory. But it is only using 256mb.

When I installed 1gb of took 128mb as ION memory
Upgraded to 2gb took 256mb as ION memory

Now I have upgraded to 4gb DDR3 (2 sticks max) it is still only using 256mb when it clearly says on the spec it should be using 512mb

Please help guys!

Windows is only reporting 3.3gb available (windows 7 32 bit)

Best regards

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  1. Relax. The ram is working fine. Windows 7 32 bit (which I use) only reports 2.99-3.3 gigs of ram available (mine reports 2.99). It's a limitation of all 32 bit windows operating systems. Cpu-z may see all 4 gb, but windows won't. Check your post screen carefully and I'll bet it lists 4096 for the ram.
  2. yes it does. but I want the ION chip to use all 512mb that it should

    maybe a tweak in the bios and select how much the chipset can us

    but somebody said memory remapping wont work with this chip?
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