Intel 320 120GB vs Samsung 830 64GB

Space aside, which drive would be the better buy for use with a SATA2 motherboard?
Or does it not matter because I am using SATA2?
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  1. It's better to use a SATA 6.0gbps drive on a SATA 3.0gbps motherboard because the SATA 6.0gbps drive can saturate the SATA 3.0gbps interface, but the SATA 3.0gbps drive cannot. However the performance difference will not be extreme.

    That being said - if this drive is for an operating system, you should not get a 64GB drive. They're a little too small.
  2. You will see negligible difference between a 3gb or 6gb drive on either type of sata port.
    The real benefit of a ssd comes with random i/o, and that is very good regardless.

    My pick today for reliability would be between samsung or intel.

    I agree, 60gb is a bit small, it is ok for the os and a game or two.

    Intel currently has some nice rebates on their 320 series drives. 80, 120,160gb.
    Your cost will be about $1 per gb.
    How about the 160gb drive at $155?
  3. ^5 +1 what geofelt said.
  4. Do the 320 series drives still have the 8mb problem? I read that there is a "fix" but the fix didn't really seem to work since people with the latest firmware still had the problem

    oh wow, looks like another person experienced the problem after updating the firmware.

    so far it looks like the 830 might be more reliable. I managed to install Windows 7, GTA EFLC & Skyrim on a virtual machine with a 64GB HD and still have 29GB's left so I might be able to manage.
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