Netgear rp614v2 does not send internet signal to computers

Hello all,

I have a netgear rp614v2 router, and for some reason it stopped sending signal to the three computers I have connected to it. When I tried connecting one of the pcs directly to the cable modem internet works fine, but when I connect the modem to the router none of the pcs has internet. The problem came out of nowhere. I tried restarting and resetting the router,but still no change? Does anybody know how to fix this?
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  1. If you have reset the router to defaults and it still doesn't share internet, may be a hardware issue.

    Are you using the same cable that connects between the router and modem when you plug a computer in directly? If not maybe the cable is faulty from the modem to the router.
  2. the cable is fine, I connected the modem to the pc using the same cable that connects that modem to the rauter.
  3. Yeah, if you can test a "known good" router and see if internet works that would be helpful to ya. Otherwise unless someone has turned on internet connection sharing on one of the Nodes, my guess is a faulty router.
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