Toshiba model 505 overheating problems

Does anyone know if all of the Toshiba Satellite model A505 have overheating problems and why they are overheating. Is this true of just the intel processor, or also for AMD processor?
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  1. Are you saying that you're experiencing this? What kind of overheating? Has your computer actually stopped working?
  2. r_manic said:
    Are you saying that you're experiencing this? What kind of overheating? Has your computer actually stopped working?

    No, I am trying to decide to buy this brand and am concerned because I have read some reviews that say it overheats.
  3. Mine overheated and shutdown on its own and now I cannot get it to boot. Toshiba tech support in India has been the biggest joke. The overheating also caused the usb housing on the right side of the machine to break and now I am being told that it is considered "physical damage" and would not be covered. The overheating started within a couple of months of use so I basically payed $700+ for a laptop that laster about 60 days and now I am screwed. I suggest paying the extra and getting a Mac. You may pay more upfront but it will save you time, money, stress and lost data in the end. I hate Toshiba now.
  4. I have the same laptop A505-S6005 had to contact the Toshiba Tech Department the two USB ports on the right hand side was flopping, tech stated it should only take about seven days to fix it. Since I only had a little over 35 days left on my warranty they sent me a box to mail my laptop to them. Here's the big joke, didn't hear from then in about 14days so I emailed them from my Ipod and got a email back telling me to call them, that it would cost $175.99. I called the next day, first thing was on hold for 45min. then I get a person name Dorthy, she tells me because your plugging items into the USB ports and unplugging them, the USB ports will come loose and they call that an non warranty issue. The over heating makes scene, I've also found out that when I called the Toshiba tech support I wanted to take my laptop to an authorized dealer and was told no, if I did I would have to pay for it. I asked why? And was told when you reg your laptop you didn't pay extra cost to take it to an authorized dealer and I've just learned why, when Toshiba sends you a box to mail it in, Toshiba does not and I repeat TOSHIBA DOES NOT REPAIR YOUR LAPTOP, UPS DOES THE REPAIRS. Yes I typed it right. I'm finding may of Toshiba laptops with loose USB ports even my daughter told me her's on the right hand side is loose, and her model is the L355 thank God she only have one USB port on the right hand side, like our model there two on the right side. I'm trying to find the Toshiba CEO Headquarters in America, I'm finding they keep that a tight lip. If I find anything I will post it. Don't give up. To all Don't buy Toshiba
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