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When i open EVGA precision, it says that my core clock is at 555, shader clock at 1350, and memory clock is at 900. When my default clock is Core clock, 550. Shader clock 1375, and memory clock 900.

GPU-Z says my clocks are at my default settings, and so does precision at least at the part where i can adjust the clocks but on the graph and precision monitor it says different. I've never changed the clocks myself, only the fan speed and when i apply my default settings which is already on the adjuster, nothing changes. The fan speed does of course when i need to change the speeds. Anyone have a clue of whats up? is EVGA just glitching, or is it detecting my clocks arn't default and can't change it? though GPU-Z says my clocks are just fine. I'm leaning more towards the glitching.
Anyones thoughts are welcome
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  1. Use RivaTuner and see if it does the same.
  2. Hmm, i'll try that
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