Cooling help (suggestions please)

Hi, I am having trouble cooling the back end of my video card. See pictures for more clarification.

I am running my system inside a Antec 900 case.
My motherboard is a Gigabyte UD3P (ATX)
Video card is 4870x2

In HWMonitor, my gpu cores run at 51 and 38 C idle. If you know the Antec 900 case well, you know that there are two 120mm fans in the front. From my knowledge, the cooler core is obviously the end closer to the fans at the front of the case.

Now, my problem is that because of the way the motherboard is designed, the side panel 120mm fan does not directly hit it. Needless to say that the card is so big in size itself, it has covered the PCI slot below it where I would have placed my sound card which as you can see in the first picture, has to be placed in the PCI slot above the gpu and the psu being right below it, doesn't really give much air flow. The back end is where I'm assuming the hotter core runs. When playing graphic intensive games, both cores tend to run up ~20 degrees more than from it's idle temperature. Meaning the hotter core rounds about 82-85 C while the cooler one is around 65. :/ On my older mobo, the temperatures of both cores were exactly even due to the positioning of the card being direct to the side panel fan, but in this case, it isn't...

I have been looking at PCI slot fans, but it hit me that I don't exactly have a open slot to use lol.

Also this:

but I don't know how much that would help.

I was wondering if there are any other suggestion anyone could give me to a solid solution to this problem? Thanks
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More about cooling suggestions please
  1. Ok what kind of airflow do you have?
    do u have intake at front? if there space for any more fans fill it up.
    also u can simply buy a fan and but it UNDER the video card blowin up on it.
    Or order from newegg special fans that go into PCI slots
  2. Why can't you put that card in the upper PCI-E slot. Also, you should tidy up those cables. They're blocking air coming from the front. Cut a hole on the bottom right below the front panel headers and run your cables to the back. Then cut another hole on the side next to the 24-pin connection on your motherboard to run the cables through. Also cut a hole behind the motherboard to run the 8-pin eps cable. That's what I did with mine.
  3. ALSO u can put your video card in the higher slot MAYBE it will help
  4. both cores are on the same card.., one shouldn't be that big a difference from the other. I have 2 295GTX+ and the only difference in temps is between one whole card compared to the other card and only because one card sits right in front of it and reduces the air flow. I also have all my other slots full and both cards are surrounded. Yet looking at my 4 GPU temperatures there is only a 3 to 4C difference between one whole card and the other, never 20.

    You could have part of your heatsink not making good contact with the surface of one of your GPU's, meaning the heatsink is tweaked slightly.
  5. Base from the pictures below are my observation/inputs

    1) As the other suggested can you place the video card on the higer PCIE2.0 Slot?
    2) Go to home depot and get some cable ties. Managing your cabling will improve the air flow comming in from the 2 HD module blowing to the MB/GPU.
    3) The intake fans in front of the 900 have 3 settings. You may need to set it to higher to force more air.
    4) One potential source of AIR-SUPPLY contension is between the video card and PSU. Your PSU has higher rated fans/flow rate than your video card. More air can be flowing to the PSU than to your video card.

    I use corsair(HX1000)/Antec(Quatro 850) supplies on my 900s and the air fans are mounted in front of the PSU not on TOP or Bottom. There is no direct contention of air supply between the video card and PSU.

    The other thing is i have a clear path from the front air fans going inside. Except for the lower module which has 3 HD. The HD drive cage is empty so the air flow is maximize.

    5) Try to open the video card cover and check if there are internal obstruction inside. Also see to it that the heat/sinks are correctly mounted on each core. This can be a simple DUST problem inside the cooling block of the video card.

    It seems to indicate that there is insufficient air flow going to the video card.

    Consider the above and lets us know what happen.

    Good Luck
  6. Avoid making assumptions. Know exactly which of the 2 cores are exibiting higher temperature.
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