P6X58D Premium Mobo in HAF 932

Hi all,
Has anyone had a problem installing the ASUS P6X58D Premium Mobo into their HAF 932 case?
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  1. Hello
    I don't have the P6X58D but i am sure it will fit fine in HAF 932, that case has plenty of room
  2. Thanks Maziar, I had seen a reply to someone elses question about this and the person said it would not fit without removing a few things in the case. I already have the HAF, so wanted to make sure before I got it.
    Take care,
  3. Can you post a link ?
    Because it will fit fine without the need to remove anything AFAIK
  4. Best answer

    The mobo should fit without problems.

    Take a look of this page thread #18 and u can see the P6X58D Premium inside the HAF 932.
  5. Thank you both, Mazier and saint19. I didn't save the post that mentioned the asus mobo not fitting. It may not have even been on Tom's Hardware forum. But you reading your replies and seeing that thread #18 I'm ordering it today.
    Thanks again,
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  7. Your welcome and enjoy ur rig.
  8. Yup,enjoy that great air flow :D
  9. If you haven't already ordered the HAF 932 do it. the P6X58D fits perfectly. I have both and the case is a pleasure to work in - plenty of room and the backplane wiring is great.
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