Please Take a look at my SuperMicro Server build MBD-X8DAH+-F-O

This is my first server build so if some of you veterans out there could take a look at it. I spent many hours researching and searching, I think I found a good build for me that is very upgradeable. I still have not finalized which case I want but I defiantly am looking at the Lian LI's(top two choices right now are the PC-A71F or the PC-A77F). any comments are welcome and appreciated.

EDIT: Build motherboard changed, new mobo below

CPU: Intel Xeon E5507 2.26GHz LGA 1366 80W Quad-Core Server Processor

CASE: LIAN LI PC-A71F Black Computer Case

MOBO: ASUS Z8PE-D18(ASMB4-IKVM) SSI EEB 3.61 Server Motherboard

POWER: CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-1000HX 1000W Compatible with Core i7 Power Supply

MEMORY: Kingston 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM Server Memory Model KVR1333D3D4R9S/4G


Intel BXSTS100C Passive/active combination heat sink with removable fan
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound

Also I have been looking around and the net and am getting mixed responses, does SSI EEB 3.61 fit the E-ATX form-factor? I have read from one person that it will fit but not all the screws line up, and another person says that they are completely interchangeable screws and all. If someone who knows could please shed some light on this.

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  1. I do not recommend Asus server boards, they typically get poor reviews and do not perform as well as competing brands. I recommend Supermicro or Tyan over Asus for any dual socket server motherboard.

    You have chosen dual channel memory when the Skt1366 and Xeon supports triple channel.

    Not sure what you plan on using this type of machine for or if you have specific hardware or software requirements, but the fact is a Skt1366 i7-930 with 12GB of memory has plenty of power and bandwidth for just about anything short of heavy duty scientific software and/or heavy 3D graphics work. So, unless you are building this for research or scientific work, you may be better off with an i7-930 and a regular ATX motherboard.
  2. Thanks for you insight Chunky, I looked some more at the motherboards and im looking into this Super-Micro board:

    SuperMicro MBD-X8DAH+-F-O

    I do realize that this is a Enhanced Extended-Atx, but I think that it should fit into this case:

    With the extra clearance above the back panel

    Also, How do I know if the memory is triple or dual channel?'

    I am not sure if I can get the motherboard above to work with sli or crossfire even though 3 fill fit, I have read some places that you can get it to work and others you cant, so again any insight into this would be great

  3. it might fit in the case, though you are going to have to mod the case and add different holes to the motherboard tray to accommodate the different holes the EEATX boards use
  4. I planned on probably having to mod the case so that is not a problem. I also decided I most likely will never need sli/crossfire I most likely may get a GTX 295 down the road.

    The only problem I have is I don't understand exactly how the ram on this motherboard works(or any motherboard for that matter)? do I need a pair of ram for it to work? can I just get one 4GB stick and be fine to add more as I get the money or are there limits to speed for how many I have or any other information on how the ram would work with this motherboard.

    I plan on just getting one 4GB stick to start off with and don't know if I can do this or do I need a pair of them to work, or how to determine if it is dual or triple channel.

  5. the board can utilize up to triple channel memory, and i would recommend at least dual channel (as single may be too slow), though if you wanted you could install one stick (if only using one cpu), and 2 sticks (for 2 cpus, one in each bank)

    the other thing to remember is that if you have both cpu sockets used, you need to have at least one stick in each memory bank

    as for crossfire/sli, the server board AFAIK supports crossfire but not sli, though any single card would work fine

    as for cpu, i wouldn't recommend any Xeon until at least the E5620
  6. The Supermicro board you linked is a better choice than the Asus.

    Truly though, provide some info as to what you plan on using this machine for and folks will be able to offer better and more specific recommendations.
  7. Thanks mindless, now I plan on getting one stick of 4GB maybe 8GB, but the only problem is that I just cant figure out if the ram is dual or triple channel, or what the rank of the ram means. I will continue to research to find the answer, but if any of you guys could help me with this it would be much appreciated.

  8. Can anyone tell me what type of memory I should get for this build I am having alot of trouble with this I just want to buy a 4GB DDR3 stick that is the best I can get for this setup I was looking at these sticks:|20-139-141^20-139-141-TS%2C20-139-164^20-139-164-TS%2C20-139-077^20-139-077-TS%2C20-220-421^20-220-421-TS%2C20-134-977^20-134-977-S01

    I dont want to spend extra cash on a thermal sensor(I think thats why the two on there are so expensive compared to the others

    The only problem is no where does it mention dual or triple channel ram so I still have no idea what this means, if someone could just link me the fastest possible stick Registered EEC 4GB ram.

    I dont see anything wrong with either of these 2 sticks:

    also what are the differences between these two

    Thanks, I am on a really right Schedule and would like to get this done today or tomorrow, and I cant find the info I need on the web, any assistance at all is very much appreciated
  9. the reason they don't say anything about dual or triple channel is because they are single sticks

    Patriot Signature 12GB (3 x 4GB) is what a triple channel kit looks like, and a dual has only 2 sticks
  10. thanks mindles, so if I bought just one of those 4GB sticks in that triple channel kit I could eventually add 2 more later correct? and then eventually I could have 3 triple channel kits per cpu (mobo is 18 dimm)?
  11. yeah you could, and with 4GB sticks you would get 72GB of ram, though why not buy one triple channel kit right now, it costs less than the board you are looking at

    also i would bump the CPU to at least the 5620 as the 5507 loses a few features (one of them being Hyper Threading) and its a bit faster and newer (only $100 more). Also makes finding another easier since the 56xx series will be easier to find down the road, as its usually best to have two of the same cpu and not mix and match
  12. I am on a bit of a limited budget so any thing that I can hold off on buying now such as 2 4GB sticks I need too. And for the processor I am willing to extend it a bit but I thought that the nahelem-EP was the best core so I was only looking at those. Could you explain why I might want one core over another? I understand that getting the E5620 has better cache, better clock speed, and Hyper Threading but what would I lose by going with a different core?

    EDIT: I looked around and is the westmere the successor to nahelem and then the new Sandy Bridge is after that? so the westmere is the best that I can get right now?
  13. I think my build is finnaly finished :)

    will this ram give me triple channel with 2 more? I think it should

    and I will be getting this CPU:

    SuperMicro MBD-X8DAH+-F-O
    (well its out of stock now, but whenever a new one comes in, or if someone could link me to another site where I could buy this mobo would be nice I have no idea how long it will take for newegg to get more)




    I am still looking for a different heatsink, if anyone knows of a better one that will work with this setup or if this one will work fine.

    Thanks for all your help, I just need to find a site that sells this mobo that i can trust, if anyone has suggestions from personal experience of a good pc hardware distributor other than newegg

    EDIT: I think that I found it here:
    I think that is the same exact one on newegg

    also what do you think about this heatsink?
  14. 1) yes, with 2 more sticks an you would have triple (don't know why you wouldn't do this to begin with)

    2) i think that cpu will work a lot better that the 5507

    3) the PSU only has 1 8pin EPS connector, you need 2 (though a splitter would probably work)

    4) The case might work (we already covered that), have fun modding it to accept the board)

    5) the noctua cooler would be a lot better
  15. Cant afford all 3 right now :(

    and I looked on corsair before I decided to get this one and it says it has 2 8pin

    may get a mountain Mod case but not exactly sure yet

    Thanks for all your help
  16. Cool, they don't really show that in the newegg picture and just kind of assumed that it only had one EPS connection
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