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HP Pavilion dv5 Laptop Display Issues

Hey everyone. New to the site but referred by a friend who has used it for years for numerous types of support. Have only heard good things.

I purchased this laptop in August of 2008 and besides one instance of overheating have had zero problems. I use it more often that hoped but it had help up very well. I upgraded from Vista to 7 last month and that has only improved system performance.

About a week ago I awoke it from Sleep and noticed a pink and green discoloration on the screen. When the lid is open past about 90 degrees the color goes completely wack. It's a problem I can live with for now but I know that the issue is only going to get worse. What's my next step? Thanks in advance, and let me know if any other information is needed.
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    Sounds like there is a problem in the cable for your screen. it usually runs under one of the covers over the hinges.
  2. After a little googling that's the answer I came up with too. I'm usually good with simple installations like video cards and RAM on desktops but I'm terrified to take apart this laptop.

    I'm not saying I wanna go Geek Squad on this or anything, but should I look for a repair shop or try disassembling this thing? Ribbon cables look relatively cheap online.
  3. If you can get a hold of a service manual it is relatively easy.
  4. This may or is the same exact problem I am having now. It only gets much worse. The way I've handled it was to turn the processor performance down, which can be found in Power Settings.
    But that doesn't do much. The real issue is the video card. If you were to go in to your power settings and switch your video card to maximum battery life it should stop your problem for awhile. It will only get much worse if you're playing games and such.
    My labtop is at the point where I can even get the thing to start windows. The screen just turns black. If this continues I recommend getting a new video card.
  5. Thought about opening it up to check if it's a cable issue but don't trust myself just yet for laptops. I took it in to a reputable repair shop in my college town. $39 to diagnose it and then they'll call me for the next step, for parts and whatnot.

    Hopefully cable issues, possibly video card or motherboard issues.. Let's hope for the 1st one, I don't need a totaled laptop right now.
  6. Got a call back from the shop today, and it did indeed end up being the display cable.

    $39 to get it looked at, $75 for parts. More than I wanted to spend but at least it'll be fixed.
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  8. dude my laptops doing the same thing i got an hp pavillian dv 5 1000 and the screen gos all wake and i have to adjust the screen just right to get it to stop
  9. Hate to say it but I've had the same issue. Screen goes black at about 30 degrees and I had to work it up to about 50 degrees over about an hour to even work. Took it apart and found that it is the cable and was able to temporarily manipulate it to work but it is only temporary. Part number is GLEDDC5003ALD391. I've looked everywhere in the US with no success. How is it that one of HP's most popular laptops has no parts for it anywhere? How freaking frustrating!!! In absolute frustration, I bought another laptop........a Dell!
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