I7-930 upgrade to i7-990x?

i run 930 at 4 GHz and i am thinking to upgrade to 990x and overclock it to 4.5 GHz, will i see big difference in games, winrar, video converting? thanks
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  1. you will see a bigger difference in things like video editing/rendering, and very cpu intensive + multi threaded apps, most games dont use the extra 2 cores yet... alot dont benefit from quad core yet either
  2. It's not worth it unless you can get a 990x on the cheap
  3. I do not want to upgrade to 2011 socket 3930k because all my pc is water cooled and i just do not have time to do it all over again plus i can find 990x for 600$. 990x at 4.6 Ghz vs 930 4 Ghz. 600Ghz plus i think it will help in every day use like WinRar, converting movies on ipad iphone, games a bit ...
    Am i right?
  4. what price are you looking at?
    it will help with winrar compression, and some converters, and not really any games
  5. nna2 said:
    what price are you looking at?
    it will help with winrar compression, and some converters, and not really any games

  6. Dumbest upgrade ever.
  7. for sure not worth $600
  8. Quote:
    time to sell off the custom water loop bro.
    make it a father and son project or something.
    tear that puppy down and lets go Ivy or LGA 2011.
    (or rebuild water-loop... :P)

    what's the rest of the system, got SSD and running killer GPU's in SLi or CF-X.?

    sell your hardware on eBay or turning it into a back-up rig.
    selling on eBay or whatever will recoup funds for new build,
    LGA 1366 chips still sell like hotcakes..

    4 intel SSDs in raid 0, 2 gtx 580 SLI, corsair dominator gt 1600 7-7-7-21, i7-930 4GHz, claro plus sound card, ....... About 6000$ if some body will buy it from me for 4000 i would be happy :) costume made case
  9. Get a 3770K or a 2700K.
  10. thats not much of an upgrade over pre SB i7's kracker, especially one overclocked to 4GHz
  11. ^ im suprized how close a 2 generation old chip still competes
  12. Just get the newgen tech

    throw out the old gen with the trash :p
  13. ^thats just dumb, first gen i7's we're and are amazing chips, tossing em would be dumb, atleast put it to folding or prime 95'ing
    as urban pointed out, his chip already preforms well with chips 2 generations ahead, so it would really be pointless to throw another $800 into a new platform
  14. i got new 990x for 420$ after OC i will compere it with my 930 in many ways games winrar and so on.
  15. I hear something,

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