My RAM is not detected . Please Help..

Hey everyone i have just buy a new RAM its visipro 2GB DDR PC6400 . i install it on my pc but the pc did not boot . so i install all my RAM include the old ( 2x VISIPRO DDR2 PC5300 ) . and my pc is running . but when i look into the amount of ram in task manager its show that i have 1GB of ram . but when i check with cpuz it show that i have 3GB of ram . please help

i have try to trying in another slot but the problem is not resolved .

my MB is Gigabyte 965P DS3 . that im sure its support pc6400 ram .

Please help
Sorry for my english :D
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  1. I guess there is a problem with your Ram, have you tried running memtest?
  2. no i dont know about that .
    could you please explain to me :)
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