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Any good micro atx case? it needs to fit 160 x 140 x 158mm cpu heat sink if possible. I want it small as possible to fit under my desk.(max up to 15 x 8.5 x 12 in). Thanks
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    Generally the 160mm tall cpu heatsinks do not fit in micro-atx, small form factor (sff), or home theater pc (htpc) cases. You mentioned the case has to fit under your desk which suggests a tower case. The case would have to be at least 8 inches (204mm) wide to accomodate a 160mm tall tower style cpu heatsink. Hard to find in a micro-atx case.

    There may be additional problems with other components. Please provide a list of components so we can see what we have to work with.
  2. If that $200 CPU cooler fits in, Im willing to buy a new micro atx mobo and Amd or intel 2 or 3 core CPU. My other components: 4770, 400watt psu( this was free)
  3. PC Design Labs Qmicra Qv2E:

    Available March 7th
  4. Would this be available in newegg? I also think that case was expensive. I was thinking around $120.
  5. does not sell the case. Frozen CPU and Xoxide sell them

    Yes it is expensive. I do not know of any other small case that can accomodate a 160mm tall tower style cpu heatsink.
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