XP Pro disk boots from internal SATA but not eSATA...

So I have this SSD with Win XP Pro installed. If it's installed inside a laptop, connected to the onboard SATA power / data connector, it boots just fine... everything is peachy. If I take it out and try to boot the same disk over powered eSATA, it blue screens after hanging on "mup.sys" for a few seconds. I've seen a bunch of stuff about AHCI vs ATA settings in the BIOS and how that affects SATA operation with Win XP... but my assumption (I know, I know) was that eSATA vs. SATA would be transparent to the OS.

If anyone can educate me on why this is an issue it would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. the eSATA is probably on a different controller and that's why you are getting the blue screen.
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