Bootmgr is missing problem

Hi everybody. :D

I have a problem with my computer running Windows 7 x64 ultimate ed.
abit IP35-Pro Motherboard
4gb patriot ram
1tb seagate HDD
intel core 2 quad q6600
msi nvidia geforce 8600gts
windows 7 x64 ultimate

everytime i turn on my computer it displays a message saying "bootmgr is ctrl+alt+delte"

the only way my computer can load is if i insert the cd that came with my motherboard which gives me an option to boot from hdd or disc. if i choose hdd it loads windows, but if i dont have that cd in my dvd drive at boot up time it doesn't work.

How can i fix my little problem? i have also tried using the windows 7 dvd to repair it but it doesn't work because it says that my windows version can't be found or repaired something like that....has anybody used hirens boot cd to fix something like this???

any info is greatly appreciated.

please help. thanks. :bounce:
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    First, go into your BIOS and change the boot sequence so that your hard drive is the very first entry on the list. If that doesn't help, boot off your Windows 7 DVD and get into the recovery options. Run the Startup repair wizard and see if it finds any problems.
  2. i'll try to change the boot sequence, i have tried the start up repair, but when it asks to choose the windows version, i select windows seven but it doesn't let me go to the next step.....let me restart and try this.
  3. it was my mistake, i changed the boot sequence so that it wouldn't boot from the hdd, only from the cdrom. i did this when installing windows 7.

    thanks for pointing me in the correct direction. i was over thinking about what caused the prob.

    thanks again.
  4. Glad to hear it worked!

    Edit: If you did that to avoid messing up your Windows 7 install while it was installing... you can get around that by setting the optical drive as the second boot device behind the hard drive, then manually selecting the optical drive to boot from when you want to install 7. After the initial stage of setup (by this I mean after the first reboot during the install process), the system no longer needs to boot from the optical media, as the rest of the setup process is run from the hard drive itself.
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