Can i overclock fsb without overclocking the ram?

can i increase my fsb without increasing ram
i got my e2180 clocked at 2.6 ghz at 2.7 its a tiny bit unstable and above windows freezes and higher still it just restarts at boot.
now my ram is well i think there diferent think i have 2gb 800mhz and 2gb 667 so they would all be underclocked to 667 anyway. due to the increase in fsb my rams gone up to 833.6 accrding to cpu-z
i think thats why its unstable.
is it the increase in fsb doing that or is it actualy a diferent setting somewhere when i overclocked i left everything on default so its all on auto as far as i know.
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  1. Have you correctly increased the voltage to a level adequate enough to support your overclock? And I don't think OC'd RAM will adversely affect your CPU's overclocks, though downclocking it MAY help a little bit, but I don't think that's where your problems are.
    Also, another factor may be that your FSB + Ratio aren't stable, since some combinations may not work. Say I wanted to get 4.5Ghz on my 2600, I could increase FSB (BCLK on my MB) to around 132.41 with a multiplier of 34, doesn't work. But then I try 107.2 with a multiplier of 42, and voila - it works!

    Edit: If you want to, you can manually pick an operating frequency for your RAM, but you may experience a decrease in system performance.
  2. yeah my ratio isnt 1:1 or was it 1:2? right now is 3:5
    i cant get 1:1 my fsb is 260 and my multiplier is locked at 6-10 its on 10.
    anyway if i increase my fsb any further i get freeezes and more further is a failure to boot. my ram is supposed to be 667 and its up to 833 so i think the ram is whats geting unstable.

    i guess it is possible the ratio is wrong but to get it i have to have it at 333 or somthings like that which is unstable probably because of both the cpu and the ram geting overclocked by that lol.

    i should probably set my ram to stay at what it is and increase the cpu alone, but i am only on stock cooling so i guess the temps of that could be a little dangerous
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