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Ill start off with specs since that seems important. I have a Z77 Asrock Ext4 mobo and an i5 3570k cpu. Im using a cool master hyper 212 to cool the cpu.

The problem is I have been using the auto overclocking function to kick it up. I havent had any problems with the mobo set to 4.4 but if i try it at 4.5 or higher windows wont boot and i hit an error. So here are my questions

-Is there a good way to confirm my oc is working in windows? Example if you right click computer in the start menu and select properties it will tell you system specs including CPU and its clock speed. Mine never changes there and the temps are staying pretty cool at 4.4 under 70 C and thats surprising for an ivy cpu.

-Would my problem be with voltage tweaking? I have stayed away from touching it as of now seeing to how im not experienced at this and would hate to fry my cpu.
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  1. your at 4.4GHz on... auto overclocking, okay :P

    yes, to go any further, your gonna have to kick up the voltage, but if your at 70C i wouldnt go any further, try lowering the volts because auto overclocks are nutritious for putting too much in
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