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My problem started when my Grandson started using GTA SanAndreas. he used cheat numbers and now my Desktop XP Proffessional has a half white screen. I have tried most of the suggestions found but nothing helps. Can someone assist me please.

Dave. :hello: :hello:
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  1. have you tried turning it off and on again?
  2. Thanks nhasian,
    I have tried all the basics including trying to change properties on the desktop without any change. i must admit this has me fooled.
  3. -go to the gta forums, maybe there is something similar

    -if U think gta is the trouble, go to the game folder and copy the saved games, uninstall the game, and reinstall it again.I think it's the best option.

    -try a system restore. Start>run>msconfig>system restore.

    -does it do the same on another user?

    -if it's not the game it could be your video card or your monitor.

    -...and, if U have one computer for two people it's better to make 2 separate users.

  4. Thanks me 1

    I truly think problem lies with GTA. I cannot contact them. I keep getting page not available. I have tried system restore without success all other programs work fine including GTA it only affects my desktop. Once this problem is sorted out I will creat a separate user for my grandson. He has played this game many times, it is only the last time he used these cheat codes.

  5. U can try accessing it via the forum directly and register. But u can also read this:
    here's something about white screens: (i dunno if it helps, but hope u can access it)

    Reinstalling the game would be the best option.

    But,if not,the reason I mentioned another user is because if u do create another user(takes about 1 minute) it's likely (if it is GTA) that it doesn't have that problem.
    or if u want U can check if that happens in safe mode too.

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks me 1

    I will try and get back to you soon.

  7. me 1,
    tried second user and desktop normal. Nothing from GTA. They say the game is not causing that fault. I get this error: line 65 Char 1 error oject does not support this action. Code 0 file://C:/documents%20and%20settings/dave/application%20data%/Microsoft/internet%20explorer/desktop.htt

    Hope this helps you.
  8. Still waiting for a reply to my problem. GTA have been helpful but assure me that this is not a fault caused by GTA. I uninstalled the game but it made no difference. I am still trying to find an answer.

  9. Hi, To all who have this problem go to this site please.



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