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hi all,
my father in law hag got a phenom 9550 x4 2.2ghz, biostar t-series mobo and a 430 w basic power supply.

he has been looking at gpu and was looking at getting a 4670 as he has not got a high budget and no pci-e 6 pic connecter.

i have found for a few pound more a hd 4850 with a 4pin molex to 6 pin pcie-connecter with it, but just wondered if the power supply would run this card and will it be ok through the adapter.

i have done a psu calculater on his system specs and added a few extra things ( extra hdd and fans ) and it only comes to 298 w.

what do you guys thing.
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  1. I personnally wouldnt, not with Phenom x4. What make is the power supply?
    MY prediction is that it will work fo a short while, then you will stil lstart to see the problems occur, then you PSU could just go, or it could damage another component.
  2. its not a good brand mate just a unknown, dont even think its got a name on it lol. what wattage psu would you recommend
  3. for that card... you're looking at a minimum of 600w I think Radeon recommend a 550w and above, but you're better off going for a 650 considering its a x4) I have a HD4870 and an intel quadcore 6600 and the PSU blew a week after getting the 4870, and it was a 550w. I've now got a 750w PSU and no probs, it was a cheap one but it's working ok.
  4. You don't need a minimum of 600W

    A decent 500W will power it fine.

    My OC'd Q6600 (3.6GHz - 50%OC) and 4870 rig has run 100% stable on corsair HX520 for 18 months now.
  5. ok thanks collie147, its not my pc but he plays crysis on 1680x1050 res and wants a hd4670 but i dont think it will play well and run like slide show.
  6. A 4850 needs about twice as much power (10 amps) as a 4670. A high quality PSU, such as the Corsair 400CX can run a 4850 in a typical system. A cheaper, slightly higher capacity PSU may not be able to.
  7. I run a power hungry Q6600@3.2GHz with HD4850 on a Corsair 400CX.

    As Jsc says, a quality 400W supply can be adequate.

    A little irrelevant but I have an E5200 @3.5GHz with a HD4670 on a cheap Thermaltake 350W PSU and it hasn't had any problems thus far. However the HD4850 is worlds apart from HD4670 in terms of performance...
  8. clinomaniac,
    how does the hd4670 play, thanks for the replys
  9. Here are the official recommendations for a system with a ATI radeon HD 4850 video card mentioned in the original post:

    450 Watt or greater power supply with one 75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express® power connector recommended

    550 Watt or greater power supply with two 75 watt 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode

    The recommendations are for an entire pc system.
  10. boden08 said:
    how does the hd4670 play, thanks for the replys

    For a cheap system, not bad. I don't push the system mind. Would like to give you fps for COD6 and more modern games etc but I only really play TF2 and CSS on it.

    TF2: 1366x768 High settings, 0xAA 40-50fps
    CSS: 1366x768 High settings, 0xAA 150-200fps+ but that won't tell you much as its mostly CPU dependent and is really old.

    To put things in perspective, I recently did a games review on my Dell Studio 15 Laptop which has a 2.1GHz dual core and a ATI Mobility HD4570 with 512MB of DDR3 (Mid-Low level laptop graphics card). Crysis was just about playable (20ish fps) with everything on low settings and DX9c.

    The ATI Mobility HD4570 has 80 stream processors, 64bit bus, Core speed of 680MHz and memory speed of 800MHz.

    The ATI HD4670 however has 320 Stream Processors, 128bit bus, Core speed of 750MHz, and GDDR4 memory speed of 1.1Ghz (2.1GHz effective).

    Games on low/med settings and resolutions shouls be a doddle. I wouldn't worry too much.
  11. ok thanks all.
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