G Skill Ripjaw vs Trident

I am trying to get the best bang for the buck on memory. I am looking at DDR3 2000 memory from G skill. I see RipJaws for $120 and Trident for $125. Everything looks almost identical. There are even more types of G Skill ram that cost more and almost look identical in everything but price. Is there really a difference in these ram sticks? I am looking at the 2 x 2gb DD3 2000 sticks.

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  1. I think reading this article would help you
    You really don't need DDR3 2000.
    1600 would be fine imo.
  2. unless you plan on doing serious overclocking on a locked cpu, 2000 MHz is very unecessary. 1600 MHz is usually the maximum speed that can be fully utilized anyway. what is more important though, i CAS latency and voltage. id recommend these:



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