Non-Existent Drives Appear on New PC

I recently built my first pc and all went well. However, several new drives have appeared that I do not understand.

The pc has two 1TB drives which show up as Drive C and E. Drive D is System Reserved and uses 71.8 of 99.9MB. I seem to recall that Windows 7 reserves this space, so I am not concerned with that drive, although I would prefer to change it to Drive E and have my second hard drive as Drive D-- will that screw things up if I reassign the drive letter?

More perplexing is the appearance of Floppy Disk Drive A since i do not have either an internal or external floppy drive attached.

Also, a removable Drive G appears and I do not have any removable drives attached either. The only thought I have is that the ASUS Express Gate SSD is showing up as a removable drive. Could this be the answer?

BTW, Drive F is my DVD.

Any idea why a non-existent floppy drive and removable drive appears?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You need to disable the floppy in the bios for the floppy to be gone. As for the removable drive, what does disk manager say it is? Could it be an eSata port or something?
  2. After disabling your floppy drive, one way to change the drive letters is to simply unhook everything but your C drive, and re-attach the drives in the order you want the drive letters assigned. Or you can do it under disk management. Either way, remember, that if you have installed any programs, and you start changing drive letters around, you may have a few glitches with programs not being able to find the correct drive information is stored on. Usually not much of a problem with a new install or system, but for an older system that has a lot of stuff on it, it can get to be a real headache!
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