Where I can buy Dell ultrasharp u3011 for cheaper price?

where i can buy dell ultrasharp u3011 in cheaper price? I saw one over the internet and its from genuinebatteries.com, its perfect for gaming. what do you think ? any opinion please.
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  1. Not sure if this is an advertisement/spam post or not. The simplicity of the question and reference to a site that isn't well heard of and would supposedly sell 'batteries' isn't where I would expect to find great monitor deals.

    Also, the fact that the monitor in question is a 'Dell'...wouldn't you first check the 'Dell' site?

    Leaving this thread to see what develops for...at least for now.
  2. Dell occasionally puts them on sale. I bought mine for $1099, $400 dollars off the retail price at the time
  3. pricebat.com or shopbot.com

    Search and save. I do it for anything I buy online, especially PC stuff. I think I saw a U2711 for around $800 recently. That said, there's other monitors that are a bit cheaper and nearly as good. The Dell has all the fancy features/inputs, but for example the HP ZR2740W is a nice 27" 2560x1440 IPS monitor too.

    Though I do agree with what rubix said, probably just a spam bot. I guess I'm bored.
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