Notebook ATI HD 5650 with dx11

i found a laptop review at this german page, Compal barebone available with ATI HD5650 dx11. specs: Mobility Radeon HD5650 1 GByte GDDR3 VRAM, Intel Core i7 720QM. Laptop: DevilTech Fire GX, Price 968 Euro (Germany)

The reviewers did some extensive gaming benmarks, STALKER DX11, CMR: DIRT 2

I found it here: LINK
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  1. That link doesn't work
  2. Slightly faster than HD 4670,which is good but I'm waiting for gaming benchies too
  3. I think it`s sad. I hoped the performance are better.
    But the Notebooks looks nice. Better than a Alienware
  4. I travel often, there is a Notebook better. But I like perfromance. My desktop ist verry good, but I am to lazzy to carry it to Lan-Partys.
  5. According to this, the mobile version only uses GDDR3 running at only 800Mhz. If this is legit then the desktop card will be much faster since it utilizes GDDR5 running at 1Ghz. Not to mention a faster core clock.
  6. Plus therell be a 5670 as well
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