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HI all,
Just got 670 power edition and after a few tests was thinking of putting on a small overclock when i noticed that heaven and msi kombuster and afterburner where showing that under full load the core clock was 1200mhz ???? On afterburner the max in red is 1240?(for the graph of gpu clock for today) The max for this card is advertised as being 1079? AM i missunderstanding or is the gpu boost overclocking for me?? Am very confused, thanks.

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  1. The advertised boost clock you're referring to I'm guessing is from Newegg. It's a typo on their part. The actual boost clock on the gtx 670 power edition is 1089mhz. And yes, the card, in a sense, does overclock itself. That is why you are seeing 1240mhz. There is something that is called kepler boost that no one seems to talk a lot about. Kepler boost is applied to your boost clock (1089mhz for the 670 power edition card) incrementally when there is enough headroom in power and temperature. In your case, your kepler boost is: 1240mhz - 1089mhz = 151mhz. That's assuming 1240mhz is the max your card can boost to without manual overclock. The value is different in every card. So when describing the core clock of your card, it is 1240mhz. NOT 1020mhz, 1089mhz, or 1200mhz. ~1300mhz should be well within your range with a decent overclock, which is pretty damn good. I have a gtx 670 power edition myself. You're welcome, stupid.
  2. lol no need to call anybody stupid were here to help
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