ECS Motherboard VIA Chipset - which memory to buy?

Hello everyone.
On those screens I have my computer specification, it should be useful for You.
Its some older PC. I want to buy some memory but i dont know anything about how to combine it properly.
Thank for Your help.
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  1. that takes regular ddr ram (184 pin) for a max of 2GB (at least that's what google said)

    actually i just found another source said max 1GB..

    find the revision of the motherboard and look up your specs here

    (the revision is probably on a sticker or printed on the board somewhere) good luck!
  2. aberchonbie Thank You a lot for Your advice.
    I'm plannig add only one module 256/512 mb.
    So in specs:
    º Supports DDR266 / DDR200
    º Supports PC133 / PC100
    So choose between DDR266 and PC133?
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