Computer acting slow all of a sudden

For the past few days, my computer has been acting slow. I believe my computer is a "decent" computer but whenever I start up a simple game such as counterstrike 1.6, I get so much lag. I tried to see if it was the game itself thats the problem by playing other games, and turns out that it all lags. I tried restarting, deleteing some files that I downloaded before, scan for viruses, nothing.
Please help!

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000
2.59 GHz
3.2 GB Ram
Nvidia GTS 250
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  1. If it worked before, maybe check your core temp or maybe the temp of your GTS250. Sounds like a GPU prob. 3.2GB ram? what kind of ram have you got in that mofo
  2. Actually forget that, you're using XP or Vista 32bit right?
  3. Yeah I'm using XP, and I have this huge fan next to my CPU, so I don't think its the temperature's problem.
  4. have you checked for malware or spyware? i see you've checked for viruses but not the others.

    also, have you done a defrag of your computer HDD? fragmentation on the HDD can slow the computer down.

    Although i doubt fragmentation this would be the case as it sounds like to me something software related as hardware normally doesn't do thing suddenly like that.

    My last question will be, when computer posts (if you see it), what speed do you see the cpu at? it should be 2.6Ghz.
  5. See if you can do a system restore, i had a problem like that last week(15FPS is CS 1.6 with a 4850 is BAD), rolled it back a week and it is working fine now. Not sure what caused it to misbehave but the system restore fixed it.
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