My windows xp desktop cpu color all of sudden faded from its original solid colo

I want my original cpu's solid colors back...Can someone please please help me...I hate looking at my cpu with the colors being like this and faded...I miss my original cpu colors...Someone please help me please...
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  1. What exactly are U talking about?
    The screen in generally, just the desktop, the wallpaper, the menu, the icons?

    Maybe U change brightness somehow or gamma?
    Maybe U can use buttons on monitor or combination keys to adjust it. Your video card also must have a panel where U can change that.
    Or maybe U changed color depth.
    Go to Right click>Properties>Settings and use a higher color depth.

    Or it's something else?
  2. Everything in general on my cpu is faded from its original version color. I did the right click > properties > Settings....and my cpu is ats its highest color depth at 32 bits....Bout 10-15 minutes ago it was in n din it went out once someone called on the phone which is what i got my internet hooked up 2 2 give me internet...I been cutting spyware on n maintenance tool bars and still my entire cpu in general, everything is still faded...Can someone pls help me. I have a compaq cpu windows XP desktop cpu. Video Card? Where is this located? I don't see where i could adjust my colors on the monitor and i don't even know why the color would even fade..I didn't do nothing unusual 2 my cpu or mistakenly touch nething at all...All i can member doin is double clickin on sumthin b4 cpu actually fully uploaded and din the color was faded every since and that's been now a couple of days...Can someone pls help me???
  3. No buttons? Maybe there's a combination key U have to use. I don't know what model of compaq U have, but if U go to the compaq site U can download the manual to see how to adjust the monitor brightness, etc.
    the phone/internet/ that change display color thing is weird. I personally didn't encounter such a thing.

    about video card settings:
    Right click on the desktop> properties>settings tab> Advanced>adapter . A panel should appear.
    Look for something related to color adjustment. There U should find gamma and brightness.Adjust it.
    ...or right click my computer>properties>display adapter.
    The name listed there, is the name of your video card.
    You can look now in control panel to see if u can find it.

    If the gamma, brightness isn't the problem,
    Try a system restore from:
    Start>run>msconfig>system restore to a previous date.

    To check if it is a video card problem:
    Restart computer
    Press F8 . On the menu you should see something like Vga mode or enable vga. Press enter.
    (with this we'll see if your video card is the problem or not. If you see normally, then your video card is the trouble.)
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