Is it possible to use same network on wireless router

I'm having an wireless router for laptops,
currently i have connected one of terminals from my LAN to the WAN port of router for internet sharing..
ip address used in LAN
ip address used in router for clients WAN port receives ip from DHCP which is in

my requirement is
is it possible to assign same N/W for WAN & LAN ports in router , bcz we are using ipmsg an intranet messenger with LAN for msg & files sharing, i want it to work on laptops connected to wireless router which is now working in N/W ..
(i.e assigning static ip for both WAN & LAN port of router with )

in simple i want to use router to work like an switch
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  1. Change the IP address of the wireless router to be something in the range but outside of the DHCP scope, disable DHCP and connect the network cable to a LAN port and not the WAN port. If you need the WAN port you need 3rd party firmware like DD-WRT.
  2. this is the router we are having
    if i removed cable from WAN port , then how can i get internet for laptops with wireless
  3. Then just reverse it and make the changes to the wired router.
  4. [modem](lan)<--wire-->(wan)[router #1 (](lan)<--wire-->(lan)[router #2 (]

    All clients of both routers have access to each other and the Internet because they all share the same network, they're merely switched. The only routing that takes place is from router #1 to the Internet via its WAN port.

    That’s why you don’t use the WAN port of router #2, otherwise those clients WOULD be routed between routers, and hence the need for a different network, clients of router #1 would be denied access to clients of router #2 by its firewall, etc.

    The only caveat is that because router #1 and router #2 are on the same network, and you never want more that one DHCP server per network, you need to disable router #2’s DHCP server.
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