New cpu, computer shuts off after 2 seconds


got a new cpu upgrade, replacing my old pentium d 805 with a core 2 duo e7500.

when I insert the new cpu the computer simply turns itself off 2-3 seconds after pressing power button. before it shuts off it seems to be working fun, fan turning etc.

If I put my old cpu back in it boots fine, the heatsink is fine, thermal paste etc all check + old cpu still boots so...

what could be the problem? can it be my MB doesn't support core2duo? pentium d and core2duo is same socket so I doubt that.

please help.
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  1. Having the same socket in common is no guarantee that the motherboard will support a particular CPU.
  2. how can I check that the MB supports it?
  3. seems you were right, I just assumed that same socket = support.

    a) Lesson learned

    b) the weird thing is my mobo supports all the core2duo's up to e6850, but not above it, like my e7500. what is that?
  4. 65nm 6850. 45nm e7500. Is the main change. There are others as well.
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