I5-3570k OC'ing help, urgent please

Hey guys!
So I just got my new computer and I am eager to OC it, Im gonna boost it to 4.2GHz. What do I tinker? The multiplier, or the clock speed? Also, should I change the voltage by a tick? Or just keep it that way?
Got the NH-U9B SE2 NOCTUA fan for the proccessor, so no problem with heat.
If I do change the voltage, to what voltage should I change it? IE, one, two, three ticks?
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  1. first of all try to overclock with stock voltage, and 4.2Ghz could be easily done with stock voltage in this way your cpu will last about more than 5 years.

    yes, you need to raise the multiplier by 100.
    which mobo you own?
  2. You could always read any readily available OC guides to figure out what you're

    Here's one:

    The short of it, though, is just increase the multiplier and when it crashes/doesn't boot/whatever you'll need to increase voltage. Bear in mind that 1.4V is considered a lot of voltage, so you're not trying to go 2V thinking that's proper lol. I've seen it happen (well, read about it).
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