Motherboard with s-video?

Does anyone know if there are any motherboards that have an s-video output?
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  1. what's the purpose? form factor? connecting to tv?
  2. Was hoping that there might be one with s-video to save having to get a graphics card. Yeah, I'll be connecting to a CRT TV which only takes composite and s-video. I've seen a few motherboards with composite out, but I'd rather s-video quality as a minimum.
  3. My old HTPC motherboard sitting in a box in my basement has S-video and component onboard. It's a GA-MA69GM-S2H. The S-video was on a "HDTV" PCI bracket that attached to the motherboard via header.
  4. Not sure about S-Video but there are a few of the mini-itx variety that have composite out. Perhaps this one ASUS M2NPV-VM has s-video. Do you have no option of getting a cheap low profile graphics card that has s-video output?
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